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With over 39 years of experience leading young men and women in the Marine Corps, John is an expert in navigating the leadership of dynamic, multi-faceted, resource constrained, results driven organizations composed of integrated  teams and committed individuals.  John continues to cultivate and share his passion for leadership and team-based success through his personal consulting service, JPW Solutions.  His team building and organizational development expertise spans Contingency Response, Logistics, Government Fiscal Operations, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, Military Readiness, pressurized Decision Making, and multi-cultural Partner Development. 

As a Marine, John has commanded organizations ranging from 150 to 55,000 men and women.  John’s leadership, performance, and organizational development skills propelled him to command at the highest level of the Marine Corps’ operating forces, creating teams of highly disciplined and resilient individuals. Understanding the importance of sound leadership in the success of any organization, John purposefully drove individual leadership skill and organizational ethos development through direct mentoring and personal engagement. As a result, he created processes that drove individual and team successes in the most challenging and physically demanding environments, to include combat.  These successes have made him a sought-after speaker and presenter discussing and helping develop the processes and essential elements of developing winning teams in the toughest environments. 

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JPW Solutions was created to provide personalized consulting to private and government clients with an interest in improving their leadership and team building skills; logistics systems planning, development and implementation; or strategic planning capabilities.  While this is a wide variety of services, the common product provided to each client is a tailored, innovative solution founded on years of expertise and committed to inspiring success.  I am committed to making every organization better for their encounter with JPW Solutions,  and if desired, to provide long term support that makes a difference in the people and the final outcome, be it a product, process or better leader.  Through a hands on, teach-coach-mentor approach we will produce results that far outlast the period of any contract.


Leadership + Team Building

The foundation of every successful organization is their people.  People want to be led, not managed.  Things are managed, people are led.  In any undertaking, be it business, sport, or government service, leadership is the difference between those that excel and those that simply get by.  JPW solutions can partner with any group or individual to provide insights and processes for developing organizational culture, understanding the elements critical to successful teams, and building leaders at every level of the organization, to include the toughest leadership of all - peer leadership!  Winning teams build leaders, and those leaders build organizational success.  JPW Solutions will provide a framework and principles that will empower leaders to build an organizational culture, define the challenges to organizational success, and communicate leader expectations that hold everyone accountable for team-based wins while ensuring individual growth.


Logistics Systems Planning, Development and Implementation

The development of integrated, agile, technologically advanced, and effective logistics systems that drive efficiencies into every corner of an organization are essential in today's dynamic, fast-paced world of change. Be it in business or military operations, understanding the needs of the organization at the point of friction is essential to planning, developing, and implementing logistics systems that support the fiscal, distribution, and decision making requirements of every member of the organization.  JPW Solutions can provide experience-based insights into the development of successful logistics processes and systems in the most challenging environments, and guide the integration of cutting edge technologies into even the most complex logistics environments.  Understanding that no organization starts with a clean logistics slate, JPW Solutions can provide detailed process development assistance to improve ongoing operations while developing the next generation logistics solutions that will revolutionize logistics capabilities. 


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential to the success of any organization.  As a leader, understanding the fundamentals of strategic planning, the need for incorporating top down guidance, and creating processes for bottom up refinement in strategy development ensures not only success in dynamic and ever changing environments, but more importantly drives buy-in at every level of the organization and ensures focus and drive to organizational goals and team-based wins. However, simply identifying a strategy is insufficient to ensuring success.  The identification, assessment, and application of metrics that measure successful strategic outcomes is essential in defining and implementing a viable strategy that applies resources in a manner that achieves strategic outcomes.  JPW Solutions has significant experience in strategy development in major Department of Defense (DoD) organizations across the operational, fiscal, and readiness enterprises and can translate this experience to nearly any undertaking inside or outside the Defense sector.  


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